Composting Tips


Eggshells can be valuable to gardeners who need to manage soil calcium levels and are also beneficial additions to compost, namely worm bins. Eggshells ground to a fine powder yield the quickest results, while large chunks of eggshells will take at least a year to break down making their stored calcium unavailable to plants or worms.

Ground eggshells are best used in a worm bin. The extra grit in the worm bin assists the worms in digesting the food scraps through the grinding action that takes place in their crop (similar to a chicken). You can also spread ground eggshells in compost piles, in tomato planting holes, or around the garden and landscape if a soil test reveals a deficiency in calcium.

Breaking down eggshells the right way

  1. Have a baking tray lined with used or reusable baking paper ready in the oven. Whenever you use eggs, put the shells in there.
  2. When you preheat your oven, the eggshells will dry and go brittle, making them very easy to crush.
  3. Put them in a jar until you have a few more.
  4. You can even put them in the food processor and get them chopped up finely.

There you go – it’s not that hard! Time to get set up.