The Baringa Bush Community Garden (BBCG) Seaforth is a place for members to:
  1. Share skills, knowledge and garden produce
  2. Foster community cohesiveness and collaboration
  3. Promote well being for its members and the wider community through organic and permaculture gardening practices.

BBCG Seaforth is an incorporated entity managed by a Committee of members democratically elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. 

Some general guidelines for members are as follows:
  1. BBCG Seaforth is an organic garden based on permaculture principles. No chemical pesticides and fertilisers are to be used on the site.
  2. Everyone is welcome to join and participate.
  3. The garden is there to be shared, so please be respectful of your fellow members.
  4. Produce from the garden will be shared with those actively involved in maintaining the site.
  5. Members should attend workshops and on site work meetings where possible (minimum 3 per year and help at the annual Spring Gala).
  6. Gardeners should adopt gardening methods that are both water and energy efficient.
  7. Members must sign in and sign out when working on site.
  8. Should a dispute arise, it should be resolved amicably. If this is not realistic, the BBCG Management Committee will be the final arbiter.
  9. Safety for all members at all times is of the utmost importance. Please ensure you and your fellow members work safely. Wear enclosed shoes. Consider using sun and bug protection if required.
  10. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times.
  11. Domestic pets are not permitted on the grounds.
  12. Shared tools and equipment should be cared for, accounted for and returned to the storage area when not in use.
  13. Smoking or the use of any illicit substances is strictly not permitted on site.
  14. Alcohol is permitted at social events organised by members, but is not to be consumed on the site at any other time.
  15. The BBCG Seaforth Management Committee is responsible for the running of the garden. The Committee will consider and approve membership applications and may cancel membership at any time, if a member is unwilling to comply with the above guidelines.
  16. These guidelines are provisional and can be amended at any time by the BBCG Seaforth Committee.

These guidelines have been developed in accordance with Manly Council’s  Community Garden Policy 2011. 

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